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Give your hair a speed boost and an awesome look.

These collections of products are a proven solution to help re-grow hair naturally and permanently.

Every man needs this essential combo pack in his skincare routine, and as far as we’re concerned, it doesn’t get more straightforward than the “Men skincare Essential Combo” from Toke Cosmetics.

Toke Men skincare Essential Combo gets down to business removing all nasty impurities and other skincare problems. Definitely one of the best skincare products for men out there.

Your skincare routine doesn’t have to be that complicated.

Take advantage of this combo package to get a triple-action glowing effect on your skin with our range of products.

Triple Glow Action Big

Toke Natural Soap 1.2ltr

Toke Fair and Even Lotion 500ml

Toke Body oil 100ml

Toke Carrot shea butter 400g

Triple Glow Action Lite

Toke Natural Soap 500ml

Toke Fair and Even Lotion 250ml

Toke Body Oil 100ml

Toke carrot shea butter 75g

Your baby’s skin needs tender loving care, free of reactions and other skin issues. The soothing and gentle care the ‘Baby Set’ gives your little one what every child deserves to enjoy.

When proper hair care products are used for specific hair types, they can reduce the number of split ends and strengthen the hair follicles to prevent damage.

This is your go-to kit to help you fight acne and achieve softer and clearer skin.🤩

  1. Natural soap with orange and honey: Fights acne, improves skin tone and prevents irritation.
  2. Body oil: Deep moisturizing oil with essential oils and fat that helps to improve skin glow.
  3. Carrot Shea Butter: Helps in soothing dry or irritated skin, wrinkles and stretch marks.

We are here to help you glow better.

Let our Toke Natural Hair products make it easier for you to shine in the moment.

This pack contains the:

  • Toke Nourishing Growth Conditioner
  • Anti-dandruff Shampoo & Castor oil

Good skincare Banger!

Exfoliate and brighten up with Toke Natural soap with orange and extra honey.

Contains AHA & skin brightening ingredients that help to restore dead skin cells.

Pamper your skin with Toke Body Oil. A combination of these two products helps to enhance your natural skin glow and makes it stand out.

Great combo for Natural Fair skin.

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